Terms of use

A lot of products on this site includes or are artists tubes, therefore you need to use a license on the creations you make with any of them. You can use this as following on your creations.

©Artistname (of the tube) - https://magicalmoments-thestore.com - MM - Your (tagger) name.
For AI generated tubes u use the @ symbol to give a kind of credit, it must be as following : @(artistname) - https.//magicalmoments-thestore.com - MM - Your (tagger) Name.

The artist name of the tube is always visible at the preview of the kits or packages.

You can find CU,  PU and R4R products on this site.

PU = for personal use (you cannot sell or share)
CU = for commercial use (you can use this to make a personal use kit)
R4R = for resale for resale (you can use this to sell these products as cu or pu)

If you have any questions you can contact us trough the contact page.